Selene Foster lives in Palo Alto, CA with two goats, 16 chickens, one cat, and several computers. She is an artist, designer, and curator who dabbles in writing science fiction and making chainmaille.

Originally from the high desert on the eastern side of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, she went on to attend Bard College in New York, studying Studio Art and Literature (B.A., 1999) and obtained her Masters degree in Fine Art at Mills College  in 2004.  Her artwork has since been exhibited on both coasts.

She spent four years as Exhibitions Coordinator at Root Division, an arts education non-profit in the Mission District, facilitating 12 exhibitions of emerging and established artists a year. She is currently the North American Ambassador for the Museum of Broken Relationships, whose traveling exhibition she has curated across the United States, and is a consultant for Protean Research, a scientific research organization dedicated to engaging the creative community in the development of new media for scientific presentation.

Her latest project is a series of evening events under the name BAASICS (Bay Area Art & Science Inderdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions).